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Although sniping your bounty targets may seem like the easiest solution, putting the effort into capturing and returning the suspect to Maude can prove far more rewarding. If you do decide you’d like to bring the bail jumper in, Maude shall reward you with $10,000. When you’ve retuned your first live bail jumper you shall receive the “Wanted: Alive or Alive” Grand Theft Auto V trophy. Below you can find a list of where these bail jumpers can be located, with the icons on the map below representing their current positions. 

Bail Jumper #1 – Ralph Ostrowski

Maude sends you the details of the first out of the four available bail bond jumpers to capture after you leave her residence. The first guy can be found at the nearby quarry, to track him set a destination marker above the Davis quarry in Grand Senora Desert (icon 2 on the map above) As you reach half way towards your destination you will receive an email from Maude detailing an image of your target and a picture of his last known location.

Bail Jumper #2 – Larry Tupper

The second is a biker friend of Jonny’s who can be found hanging out with some friends around an old abandoned farm on an unnamed dirt toad between Senora Road and Baytree Canyon Road in the Great Chaparral/ Grand Senora Desert area (icon 3 in the map above)
Observing the target through a sniper scope you will see him standing close to the barn doors with another guy to the right of him near the barn window. Also three others can be found in a nearby pickup truck, if you shoot at them they will all attack as the bounty makes a quick escape. Your best option is to shoot and kill the three in the truck first, and use your stun gun on the bail jumper to prevent him escaping. If you don’t yet have a stun gun at this stage in the game then chase him down and hit him. Don’t forget to pick up the Letter Scrap next to the billboard before taking the jumper to Maude to collect your reward

Bail Jumper #3 – Glenn Scoville

The third is a parachute jumper who can often be found launching across mountainsides, but on this occasion he can be found preparing a jump on San Andreas’ tallest mountains – Mount Chiliad. If you walk along the dirt road south of the lift platform and continue south toward the south slope you will find two guys at the edge of the mountain. (icon 4 in the map above)It’s impossible to catch this guy alive before he parachutes from the edge of the mountain, so grab the spare chute next to his original spot, pull the ripcord and follow Glenn.

Bail Jumper #4 – Curtis Weaver

The final suspect, Curtis Weaver, is in a hobo camp just off of East Joshua Road in Mount Chiliad (icon 5 in the map above) Enter this camp and take cover behind a near crate, as you approach your bounty will begin to shot, with residents scattering across the scene. Try to hit him with your stun gun if possible to avoid killing him and receiving the lower reward. If he begins to run he will head for the hills, chase him and either use your stun gun once you’re in shooting range or get as close as possible and hit him. Once he surrenders, you can have him follow you to either the nearby highway to steal a vehicle, or alternatively return to the camp and use your vehicle to make your delivery and receive your reward.

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