GTA 5 Online Cheats and Hints - How To Transfer Money To Other Players

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If you’re one of those highly successful folks on GTA Online, you may find yourself in a situation where a friend has very little or no money, while you yourself are rolling around in your millions. Provided you have an ounce of pity to spare for your hard-up friend, you may be asking yourself: “How can I transfer some of that excess cash to my amigo?”

Although there is no specific system in place to allow you to do this in-game, it’s actually really quite simple to throw them some loose change, as it were, and can be done in three easy steps:

1. Place a $10,000 bounty on the player to whom you wish to transfer money.
2. Kill the other player, collecting the bounty in the process.
3. Share 100% of the cash from your last job with the player you just killed.

A few points to bear in mind if you are considering using this trick:

Each time you complete a bounty, you will receive $9,000 back instead of the full $10,000, as Lester takes a cut. This effectively means that you spend $1,000 each time you complete a ‘transfer’.

While this trick will improve the benefactor’s kill/death ratio, it will negatively impact the recipient of the cash. Judge for yourself how important that is to you before repeating the guide a hundred or more times.

If the recipient of the money is holding a weapon when they are killed, they will lose a clip of ammo. Ensure they are unarmed to prevent this from happening.

Trevor’s airfield is one of the better locations to carry out this trick in order to avoid racking up wanted stars, due to its relative isolation and distance from the city.

And that’s it!

If you repeat the three steps without taking breaks, you can transfer $500,000 in around 20-30 minutes using this method.

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