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New Titans and Factions revealed in Titanfall 2

Posted on October 17 2016

Has it truly been 2 years since Respawn Entertainment graced us with their particular brand of shooty wall-running simulator? We are still booting it up for a few rounds here and there (thank you for the free DLC on Xbox!) but we are getting the feeling the new one might be imminent. It’s probably the two hugely popular betas they ran last month. Or the trailers full of brand new stonking great robots. October 28th is what we might have heard (just enough time to get a PS4 skin ready), so best get trained up if this rumour/fully developed marketing and officially confirmed release date turns out to be legit. 


The Titans

Specialisation and personalisation are the buzzwords this time round, from player/faction decals to hyper-stylized Titans. Respawn have been nice enough to supply a trailer for your pleasure, profiling the six new battlefield behemoths we’ll be running around the feet of. 

First, and best of all titans, is Legion. His role in the trailer is to shoot the most bullets, sometimes at useless human meat bags but also at other titans who are clearly not as good at shooting the most bullets. His gun also has a shield on it, because we will not interrupt our violence. We feel a deep bond with the simplicity of his approach and have given him the rank of “best” because he can impale an enemy Titan on his ‘gat and tear up its innards. We could probably do that all day.

Ronin also makes an appearance, the flagship Titan used for the reveal Trailer all those months ago, and seems to be just as specialised in his role. Borrowing from pop culture’s love of samurai imagery (google it!), this is Legion’s melee focused nemesis. He has a shotgun and giant sword, because obviously, and can teleport short distances. His sword can also block bullets (an ability we would not advise at home) and fire waves of energy (which we could advise, but would not want you to be disappointed).

The second new Titan in the trailer, Northstar, is where things start to get interesting. Directly emulating a classic infantry class, the Sniper, this Titan is setting itself apart from the more classic giant robots we are used to. This is a Titan made for long range, between its rifle and missile pods, but can also lay traps. An interesting idea, and one we are sure to regret when our metal buddy explodes for the millionth time to a distant robot no-scoping us.

Ion is the next addition to the game, nailing the “learn everything from the name” system prototyped with Ronin. This is a heavy Titan with #alllasereverything, matching a shoulder laser with a chest mounted super-laser and handheld laser rifle. It also has a shield, but it’s not Honeycomb like the awesome landing Shield, and a tripwire mine, which just barely matches the theme.

Scorch is our second favourite, which might be starting to tell you a lot about us. This Titan has a Thermite Launcher (read: Flare-gun grenade-launcher) used to inconvenience or incinerate enemies. It’s specials reinforce that, with the ability to lay flammable traps and sheath itself in a searing barrier. It also comes with two (2!) different flavours of flaming death wall, with the standard Firewall projecting thermite in a line while the Flame Core is double fisting a wave of hot death along the ground in front of the Titan.

The last Titan revealed was Tone, the lock-on Queen. This one is all about putting heavy ordinance on target, with tracker projectiles on her standard rifle and a Sonar Lock for mass-lock ons. She even gets a Particle Wall to hide behind while she lines up her shots (and fires them, the cheater). This is all preparation for the real meat, the rack of Tracker Rockets she can apparently erupt out of her body at her victims. And even after that, her Salvo Core is another huge barrage of rockets she can whip around.


Factions and Pilots 

We know what you’re thinking, but this time Respawn are actually putting a full singleplayer campaign in the game. For Titanfall 2 the universe is getting a nice bit of fleshing out and we’ve even got a gruff soldierbro of our own to play as in the form of Jack Cooper, future hero of the Frontier Militia. Our vaguely reluctant protagonist is bonded to the Vanguard-Class Titan BT-7274 after the death of their common mentor and pilot respectively at the beginning of the story. They are stuck behind enemy lines and command disapproves of their unsanctioned relationship, a sentence we present without qualification or comment.

From the trailer below, we look to be getting the full Call of Duty-era singleplayer complete with cutscene psychopaths, pitched battles and beautiful set pieces. We can’t say it doesn’t feel welcome.



So besides the plotline, titans, weapons and characters what’s changed? Quite a bit it seems! The old Marauder Corps (a name evidently too “xtreme” to survive a second draft) has been swapped out for the larger Frontier Militia organization, the timeline has bumped forward a bit from the confirmed canon ending of Titanfall (hooray for successive campaigns!) and a third faction known only as the Remnant Fleet is joining the party for the new Horde mode.

Horde Mode? Third faction? Yep! Revealed via off-hand remark on a developer tweet, Titanfall is getting its own horde mode based around fighting the “Remnant Fleet”. Details are still scarce, including what they are a remnant of (Battle of Demeter would be our bet), but they will be a part of the new “Bounty Hunt” gamemode. Bounty Hunt will be a new 5v5 score based team-based competitive spin on the old Horde formula, with points needing to be “deposited” between waves. This will be accompanied to release by the new Amped Hardpoint mode, a King of the Hill / Control Point hybrid that awards the controlling player double score when teammates are in range of the point.

The franchise has also decided to graduate from “Kits” to “Tacticals”; it looks like special abilities are tied to specific character models so welcome to the new classes-based Titanfall. One of them even comes with a grappling hook! 


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