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Stranger Things Season 2 - awesome & exciting!

Posted on July 06 2017

Stranger things debuted on the 31st of August 2016. The creators of the show were called the Duffer boys, who were relatively unknown before the series. Because they were so unknown beforehand the vast success the series has had is extremely impressive. The series was set in the 80’s and some of the key themes present were inspired from some of the works of Steven Spielberg, Stephen King and John Carpenter. It is 8 episodes long and after watching them, the series is the perfect length, you enjoy every episode since the series isn’t too long, so each episode does contain a lot of exciting events in them. The series is set in a town called Hawkins, which a fictional town created for the show. In the series a boy by the name of Will goes missing and his brother, mother and friends go through a chain of supernatural events to try and find him. For example a psychokinetic girl by the name of Elven helps them find Will. Towards the end of the series, the three children who were taken are all recovered. However Elven completely vanishes and Will goes through something that he keeps a secret. Just like Eleven. He coughs up a slug- like creature and he has a vision of the world as the upside down world, which is where he was trapped. This cliffhanger creates a lot of suspense and creates a buzz as to what is going to happen in the second series!


Episode number    Episode title
One The vanishing of Will Byers
Two The weirdo on Maple Street
Three Holly, Jolly
Four The Body
Five The flea and the acrobat
Six The monster
Seven The bathtub
Eight The upside down


Since the first series was so amazing the expectation for series two is huge. The Duffer brothers have said that in series two, the characters will look into the deeper reasoning at to how Will had disappeared. The second season will be released on the 31st of October 2017. In series two it seems as if the characters will be trying to get things back to normal, however I cannot see this happening, as I’m sure they will be many twists like in series one.


Episode number Episode title
One Madmax
Two The boy who came back to life
Three The pumpkin patch
Four The palace
Five The storm
Six The pollywog
Seven The secret cabin
Eight The brain
Nine The lost brother


The creators of the show have confirmed that the second season will be a year after Will’s disappearance. The boys are back together and are going out for Halloween and they are wearing Ghostbusters suits. Matt Duffer has claims that Eleven is still alive and once again is one of the main characters in season 2. One cool thing that has been said, that I’m sure fans are going to love is that in Season 2 we are going to learn about Eleven’s backstory. This was one of the main things fans wanted to know about in season 1, but the creators cleverly left it out and now probably going to go into detail about her life. Another thing that has been confirmed is Dr Owen is running the laboratory and entrance to the Upside Down is still open in season two. Another important thing to take note of is that the creators have said that they might change the names of the episodes since they think they can give too much away to fans. Plus some very intelligent people could probably figure out a lot from such a small clue.

The Stranger Things Facebook page confirmed that all of the kids from season one will be returning to season 2. However extra news that has also been confirmed, is that Sadie Sink will join the original cast and she will be playing a character called Max and Dacre Montgomery who will be playing a character called Billy. In addition to this the other main character like Joyce, Hooper etc. will all be back. Basically none of the main characters have gone, apart from barb.

I’m sure one of the main things that fans really want to find out is what happened to Will, since at the end of series one we see his cough out a slug and he sees a vision of the Upside Down place. This raises our curiosity, as we wonder what this Upside Down place does to you, because the exact same thing happened to Eleven. This link definitely must be revealed next season. It’s been confirmed that Eleven has a large role in season 2 but we want to know where she has been. She just completely vanished towards the end of season 1 but we have no clue where she went, I’m sure we will find out at the start of series two, hopefully in the first episode. The two things mentioned before are the things I’m most excited to find out about. However most fans will probably wan tot find out about if the town is back to normal, however I’m sure it might appear to be but I’m sure we can expect bigger and darker things to occur next season. Another thing that I think might be cool is whether Mr. Clarke will join the children in their dark adventures. Finally of course, we want them to maintain the 80’s theme in the show, however I’m certain it will happen.

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